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Albaugh Gladys B(907-822-3468)
Barr Calvin(907-822-3934)
Brooks Ethel(907-822-4260)
Brooks Robert(907-822-4260)
Bullock James E Jr(907-822-5829)
Capps Debbie(907-822-5877)
Capps Jay(907-822-5877)
Charley Barbara(907-822-3058)
Charley Ernie(907-822-3058)
Flyinghorse Sherry L(907-822-5908)
Gondek Donna(907-822-5174)
Gondek Larry(907-822-5174)
Holston Max(907-822-4336)
Holston Shirley(907-822-4336)
Kramp Kelly(907-822-5656)
McCullough Eric D(907-822-5227)
Nicolai Freddy SR(907-822-5148)
Parsley M A(907-822-4322)
Parsley Ronald B(907-822-4322)
Paxton Bobby(907-822-5958)
Paxton Mary(907-822-5958)
Pence Chantelle(907-822-3247)
Pence James(907-822-3247)
Poston Beatrice(907-822-3848)
Sanford Frieda C(907-822-3369)
Sanford Kathy(907-822-5182)
Schmoker Nancy(907-822-3371)
Schmoker Randy(907-822-3371)
Scott Henry(907-822-5730)
Sinyon Ruby(907-822-5842)
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